豪華化粧箱入り 完全限定生産BOX







豪華化粧箱入り500ボックス完全限定盤。1938年から59年までの彼の音楽生活における数多くの演奏記の中から、未発表曲を含むプライベート・レコーディングやライブ・セッション音源を集大成した貴重なコンプリート・ボックス。30センチ X 30センチ大判サイズの20ページブックレット付。マイルス・デイビス、ビリー・ホリディ、ホレス・シルバー、エラ・フィッツジェラルド、ジョン・ルイス、ミルト・ジャクソン、ケニー・ドリュー、ウィントン・ケリー、ベン・ウェブスター、ナット・キング・コール、バーニー・ケッセルらジャズの巨人達と共演した数々の貴重なセッションをお楽しみ下さい。シリアルナンバー付。《16枚組CD》


CD1) 1.I Know That You Know 2.Tickle Toe 3.Taxi War Dance 4.Untitled Original/Blues 5.Just A Little Bit South Of Northe Carolina 6.Midnight Symphony 7.On The Sunny Side Of The Street 8.Sweet Georgia Brown 9.If I Could Be With You 10.Blues For Marvin 11.Jammin’The Blues 12.Jammin’The Blues 13.These Foolish Thing 14.Lester Leaps In 15.D.B.Blues

CD2) 1.Sweet Gerogia Brown 2.Oh, Lady Be Good 3.I Got Rhythm 4.Oh Lady,Be Good 5.Sweet Georgia Brown 6.Jumpin’with Symphony Sid 7.Lester Leaps In 8.A Ghost Of A Chance 9.Just You,Just Me 10.Sweet Georgia Brown 11.How High The Moon/Jumpin’ With Sympony Sid

CD3) 1.Be Bop Boogie 2.I’m Confeswsin 3.I Cover The Waterfront 4.How High The Moon 5.Sunday 6.Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid 7.Be Bop Boogie 8.These Foolish Things 9.D.B.Blues 10.Just You,Just Me 11.Lester Leaps In 12.She’s Funny That Way 13.Lavender Blues 14.Tea For Two 15.Lavender Blues 16.A Ghost Of A Chance 17.Mean To Me 18.Sunday

CD4) 1.Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid 2.Neenah 3.I Cover The Waterfront 4.These Foolish Things 5.Lester Leaps In 6.Sunday 7.Destination Moon 8.Mean To Me 9.Pennies From Heaven 10.Stardust 11.Three Little Words

CD5) 1.On The Sunny Side Of The Street 2.Oh, Lady Be Good 3.Deed I Do 4.Almost Like Being In Love 5.I Cover The Waterfront 6.I Got Rhythm 7.Up’n Adam 8.Perdido 9.One O’clock Jump

CD6) 1.D. B. Blues 2.Deed I Do 3.Untitled Blues 4.Lester Leaps In 5.Blues With Bridge 6.Seventh Avenue Romp 7.In A Little Spanish Town 8.Oh,Lady Be Good

CD7) 1.I Cover The Waterfront 2.Be Bop Boogie 3.D.B.Blues 4.Just You,Just Me 5.Sunday 6.Tea For Two 7.Blues In D-Flat 8.Blue And Sentimental 9.Lester Leaps In 10.Up’n Adam 11.Three Little Words 12.Neenah 13.I Cover The Waterfront 14.Lester Leaps In /Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid

CD8) 1.Up’n Adam 2.Too Marvelous For Words 3.Indiana 4.Neenah 5.A Ghost Of A Chance 6.Lester Leaps In 7.Up’n Adam 8.Up’n Adam 9.These Foolish Things 10.Neenah 11.Lester Leaps In 12.Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid 13.Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid/Up’n Adam 14.Too Marvelous For Words 15.Neenah 16.A Ghost Of A Chance 17.Lester Leaps In

CD9) 1.Indiana 2.A Ghost Of A Chance 3.How High The Moon 4.D.B.Blues 5.Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid/Up’n Adam 6.Blue And Sentimental 7.Neenah 8.Lester Leaps In/Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid 9.I Cover The Waterfront

CD10) 1.Neenah 2.A Ghost Of A Chance 3.In A Little Spanish Town 4.Destination Moon 5.Lester Leaps In 6.Up’n Adam 7.Deed I Do 8.How High The Moon 9.Pennies From Heaven 10.Up’n Adam 11.Deed I Do

CD11) 1.Up’n Adam 2.A Ghost Of A Chance 3.In A Little Spanish Town 4.Too Marvelous For Words 5.Neenah 6.Up’n Adam 7.Blue And Sentimental 8.After You’ve Gone 9.In A Little Spanish Town 10.Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid

CD12) 1.Lullaby Of Bird Land/Indiana 2.Almost Like Being In Love 3.Neenah 4.D.B.Blues 5.Lullaby Of Birdland/Up’n Adam 6.Too Marvelous For Words 7.Oh,Lady Be Good 8.A Foggy Day 9.In A Little Spanish Town 10.Lester Leaps In

CD13) 1.Flashes Of Pres (Medley) 2.Up’n Adam 3.I Can’t Get Started 4.Lester Leaps In 5.Lullaby Of Birdland/Indiana 6.In A Little Spanish Town 7.B-Flat Blues With Bridge 8.Lester Leaps In 9.Pennies From Heaven

CD14) 1.Lullaby Of Birdland/Lester Leaps In 2.Polka Dots And Moonbeams 3.Up’n Adam 4.In A Little Spanish Town/Lullaby Of Birdland 5.Lullaby Of Birdland/Three Little Words 6.These Foolish Things 7.Blues In G 8.Tea For Two 9.Lester Leaps In 10.These Foolish Things 11.Blues

CD15) 1.Lullaby Of Birdland 2.There’ll Never Be Another You 3.Indiana 4.How High The Moon 5.Lester Leaps In 6.Polka Dots And Moonbeams 7.Lester Leaps In 8.Oh,Lady Be Good 9.Blues In G 10.Jumpin’ With The Symphony Sid 11.Lullaby Of Birdland

CD16) 1.Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid 2.These Foolish Things 3.Three Little Words 4.Lester Leaps In 5.These Foolish Things 6.Three Little Words 7.Pennies From Heaven 8.Polka Dots And Moonbeams 9.Indiana 10.Fine And Mellow 11.I Cover The Waterfront 12.Jump The Blues 13.Mean To Me 14.Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid 15.I Cover The Waterfront 16.There’ll Never Be Another You




これまで、様々な形で発売されてきたチャーリー・パーカーのライブ音源。そのどれもが、ジャズファン魂を満足させるには不完全でした。その不満を一挙に解消する最高のボックスセット。それがこのパーフェクト・コンプリート・コレクションです。 《18枚組CD》シリアルナンバー付完全限定盤。


CD1) 1.Sweet Georgia Brown 2.Three Guesses 3.Boogie Woogie 4.Embraceable You 5.Indiana 6.Sweet Georgia Brown 7.Lover,Come Back To Me 8.Night In Tunisia 9.Dizzy Atmosphere 10.Groovin’ High 11.Confirmation 12.Ko Ko 13.Barbados

CD2) 1.Ornithology 2.Out Of Nowhere 3.Cheryl 4 4.2nd Street Theme 5.52nd Street Theme 6.Lover Man 7.Groovin’ High 8.Half Nelson 9.Out Of Nowhere 10.Moose The Mooche 11.Hot House 12.Blues 13.Night In Tunisia 14.52nd Street Theme 15.Stuffy

CD3) 1.Ornithology 2.Cheryl 3.Ko Ko 4.Bird Of Paradise 5.Now’s The Time 6.Billies Bounce 7.Caravan 8.Drifting On A Reed 9.Out Of Nowhere 10.What’s New? 11.Little Willie Leaps 12.Yesterdays/52nd Street Theme 13.Dizzy Athmosphere 14.Wahoo 15.I Can’t Get Started 16.Allen’s Alley

CD4) 1.Mambo 2.Lament For The Congo 3.Interview 4.52nd Street Theme/Just Friends 5.April In Paris 6.Night In Tunisia/52nd Street Theme 752nd Street Theme/Just Friends. 8.April In Paris 9.Medley:Bewiched~Summertime 10.Medley:I Cover The Waterfront~Gone With The Wind 11.Easy To Love/52nd Street Theme

CD5) 1.Moose The Mooche/52nd Street Theme 2.Lover, Come Back To Me/52nd Street Theme 3.Conception/Deception 4.52nd Street Theme 5.Wahoo 6.Round About Midnight 7.This Time The Dream’s On Me

CD6) 1.Dizzy Atmosphere 2.Night In Tunisia 3.Move/52nd Street Theme 4.The Street Best 5.Out Of Nowhere 6.Little Willie Leaps/52nd Street Theme 7.Ornithology 8.I’ll Remember April/52nd Street Theme

CD7) 1.Embraceable You 2.Cool Blues 3.52nd Street Theme 4.I Can’t Get Started 5.Repetition 6.April In Paris 7.Easy To Love 8.What Is This Thing Called Love? 9.Repetition 10.April In Paris 11.Easy To Love 12.What’s Is This Thing Called Love? 13.Repetition 14.April In Paris 15.What’s Is This Thing Called Love? 16.Easy To Love

CD8) 1.Indiana 2.I Can’t Get Started 3.Anthropology 4.Out Of Nowhere 5.Get Happy 6.Hot House 7.Embraceable You 8.Body And Soul 9.Cool Blues 10.Stardust 11.All The Things You Are 12.Billie’s Bounce 13.Pennies From Heaven 14.Anthropology 15.Cheers 16.Lover Man 17.Cool Blues

CD9) 1.Anthropology 2.Scrapple From The Apple 3.Embraceable You 4.Star Eyes 5.Cool Blues 6.All The Things You Are 7.Strike Up The Band 8.How High The Moon 9.Body And Soul 10.Fine And Dandy

CD10) 1.Jumping With Symphony Sid /Just Friends 2.Everything Happens To Me 3.Easy Of The Sun 4.Laura 5.Dancing In The Dark/Jumping With Symphony Sid 6.Blue’n’ Boogie 7.Anthropology 8.Round About Midnight 9.Night In Tunisia/Jumping With Symphony Sid 10.What’s Is This Thing Called Love? 11.Laura 12.Repetition 13.Interview 14.They Can’t Take That Away From Me 15.Eay To Love

CD11) 1.Scrapple From The Apple 2.Lullaby In Rhythm 3.Happy Bird Blues 4.I’ll Remember April 5.Rocker 6.Jumping With Symphony Sid 7.Hot House 8.Embraceable You 9.How High The Moon

CD12) 1.You Go To My Head 2.Leo The Lion 3.Cuban Holiday 4.The Nearness Of You 5.Lemon Drop 6.The Goof And I 7.Laura 8.Four Brothers 9.Leo The Lion 10.Hot House 11.Cool Blues 12.The Squirrel 13.They Didn’t Believe Me

CD13) 1.Indiana 2.Liza 3.Ornithology 4.52nd Street Theme 5.Rocker 6.Moose The Mooche 7.Just Friends 8.My Little Suede Shoes/I’ll Remember April 9.Sly Mongoose 10.Laura 11.Star Eyes

CD14) 1.This Time Is The Dream’s On Me 2.Easy To Love 3.Cool Blues 4.What Is This Thing Called Love? 5.I Didn’t Know What Time It Was 6.Repetition 7.Lester Leaps In 8.Easy Of The Sun 9.April In Paris 10.Out Of Nowhere 11.Rocker 12.Scrapple From The Apple 13.Out Of Nowhere/Now’s The Time 14.How High The Moon 15.Embraceable You/52nd Street Theme

CD15) 1.Easy To Love 2.Repetition 2.Repetition 3.Just Friends 4.Easy To Love 5.Repetition/Strings Theme 6.Night In Tunisia 7.52nd Street Theme 8.Cool Blues 9.Bernie’s Tune 10.Don’t Blame Me 11.Wahoo 12.Ornithology 13.Embraceable You 14.Your Father’s Moustache 15.Groovin’ High

CD16) 1.Caravan/Cool Blues/Star Eyes 2.My Little Suede Shoes/Ornithology 3.52nd Street Theme/Diggi’ Diz 4.52nd Street Theme/Embraceable You 5.Dance Of The Infidel 6.Cool Blues 7.Star Eyes 8.Moose The Mooche/Lullaby Of Birdland 9.Broadway/Lullaby Of Birdland 10.Moose The Mooche 11.Cheryl/Lullaby Of Birdland 12.The Bluest Blues 13.On The Sunny Side Of The Street

CD17) 1.Ornithology 2.Barbados 2.Barbados 3.Cool Blues 4.Ornithology 5.My Little Suede Shoes 6.Cheryl 7.Now’s The Time 8.Groovin’ High 9.Ornithology/52nd Street Theme

CD18) 1.Cool Blues 2.My Little Suede Shoes 3.Ornithology 4.Out Of Nowhere 5.Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid 6.Night And Day 7.My Funny Valentine 8.Cherokee 9.What Is This Thing Called Love? 10.Repetition 11.Easy To Love 12.Easy Of The Sun 13.The Song Is You 14.My Fanny Valentine 15.Cool Blues

BILLIE HOLIDAY   【シリアルナンバー付き生産限定ボックスセット】 PERFECT COMPLETE COLLECTION BOX(12CD) (ジャズCD) 解説:大和明 氏      ボーカル  



惜しくも亡くなられたビリー・ホリデイの権威、大和明先生が「本邦初CD化するに当たって研究成果により正されたディスコグラフィカル・データに基づき、より正確と考えられる編集によってCD化されたと自負する」と解説で述べられているように、今作品はビリー・ホリデイの1937年から1959年までの全てのライブを網羅したコンプリート作品。1954年の初のヨーロッパ公演(Disc6(1)-Disc7(16)収録)や、ビリーの歌う’I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone'(Disc3(6)収録)と’Maybe You’ll Be There’の唯一の音源(Disc3(12)収録)、リラックスしたムードの中、ビリーには珍しいスキャットを交えたリハーサルセッションでの大変貴重な私的録音’Lady’s Back In Town'(Disc9(7)収録)、オルガンを伴奏に使った珍しいセッション’Stormay Weather'(Disc7(26)収録)など、数々のビリーならではの表現深さをそなえた貴重音源を収録し、更に未収録曲を8曲追加したこれぞコンプリート版と呼ぶべき豪華12枚セット。

CD1) 1.Big City Blues 2.They Can’t Take That Away From Me 3.Swing,Brother,Swing 4.I Can’t Get Started 5.I Cried For You 6.Jeepers Creepers 7.I’m Gonna Lock My Heart 8.The Man I Love 9.I Cried For You 10.Fine And Mellow 11.Travelin’ Light 12.Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me 13.I Love My Man 14.I’ll Get By 15.Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me 16.Fine And Mellow 17.All Of Me 18.I’ll Be Seeing You 19.I Cover The Waterfront 20.Body And Soul 21.Strange Fruit 22.Fine And Mellow 23.All Of Me 24.I Cried For You 25.Fine And Mellow 26.He’s Funny That Way

CD2) 1.The Man I Love 2.Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You 3.All Of Me 4.I Love My Man 5.Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? 6.Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? 7.Farewell To Storyville 8.The Blues Are Brewin’ 9.Trav’lin Light 10.He’s Funny That Way 11.The Man I Love 12.Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? 13.Don’t Explain 14.You Better Go Now 15.You’re Driving Me Crazy 16.There Is No Greater Love 17.I Cover The Waterfront 18.I Cover The Waterfront 19.Interview 20.Interview

CD3) 1.That Ole Devil Called Love 2.I’ll Be Seeing You 3.My Man 4.Miss Brown To You 5.Lover Man 6.I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone 7.Them There Eyes 8.I Love My Man 9.(You Ain’t Gonna Brother Me) No More 10.Good Morning Heartachie 11.You’re Drivin’ Me Crazy 12.Maybe You’ll Be There 13.I Love My Man 14.Keeps On A-Rainin’ 15.Lover Man 16.Them There Eyes 17.Detour Ahead 18.I Cover The Waterfront 19.Billie Holiday Interviewed By Art Ford 20.All Of Me 21.Fine And Mellow 22.I Lovers You Porgy 23.Them There Eyes 24.I Love My Man 25.Ole Miss

CD4) 1.You’re My Thrill 2.God Bless The Child 3.Now Baby Or Never 4.You Gotta Show Me 5.Crazy He Calls Me 6.Lover, Come Back To Me 7.Ain’t Nobody Bizz-Ness If I Do 8.You’re Driving Me Crazy 9.He’s Funny That Way 10.I Love My Man 11.Miss Brown To You 12.I Love My Man 13.Lover Man 14.Them There Eyes 15.My Man 16.I Cover The Waterfront 17.Crazy He Calls Me 18.Lover,Come Back To Me 19.Detour Ahead 20.Strange Fruit 21.Ain’t Nobody Bizz-Ness If I Do 22.All Of Me 23.I Lovers You,Porgy 24.Miss Brown To You

CD5) 1.My Man 2.My Man 3.Fine And Mellow 4.I Cover The Waterfront 5.Lover,Come Back To Me 6.Tenderly 7.The Come Back Story 8.God Bless The Child 9.I Cover The Waterfront 10.Too Marvelous For Words 11.I Lovers You,Porgy 12.Them There Eyes 13.Willow Weep For Me 14.I Only Have Eyes For You 15.You Go To My Head

CD6) 1.Interview 2.I Love My Man 3.What A Little Moonlight Can Do 4.Lover, Come Back To Me 5.Announcement 6.Blue Moon 7.All Of Me 8.My Man 9.Them There Eyes 10.I Cried For You 11.What A Little Moonlight Can Do 12.I Cover The Waterfront 13.I Love My Man 14.Lover,Come Back To Me

CD7) 1.He’s Funny That Way 2.All Of Me 3.My Man 4.Them There Eyes 5.Don’t Explain 6.I Cried For You 7.Fine And Mellow 8.What A Little Monnlight Can Do 9.Nice Work If You Can Get It 10.Willow Weep For Me 11.I Only Have Eyes For Me 12.God Bless The Child 13.Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone 14.I Love My Man 15.All Of Me 16.Willow Weep For Me 17.All Of Me 18.Ain’t Nobody’s Bizz-Ness If I Do 19.Lover,Come Back To Me 20.My Man 21.Them There Eyes 22.Lover Man 23.My Man 24.Them There Eyes 25.Lover Man 26.Stormy Weather

CD8) 1.I Got It Bad 2.Just Friends 3.I’m Walking Through Heaven With You 4.A Ghost Of A Chance 5.Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone 6.I’m Restless 7.Moonlight In Vermont 8.Everything Happens To Me 9.Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone 10.I Don’t Want To Cry Anymore 11.Prelude To A Kiss 12.I Must Have That Man 13.Jeepers Creepers 14.Rappin’ About Jimmy Rowles 15.Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone 16.A Ghost Of A Chance 17.Interview

CD9) 1.God Bless The Child 2.Misery 3.Strange Fruit 4.Beer Barrel Polka 5.Some Of These Days 6.My Yiddishe Mame 7.Lady’s Back In Town 8.Willow Weep For Me 9.I Only Have Eyes For You 10.My Man 11.Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone 12.Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone 13.I Love My Man 14.My Man 15.Nice Work If You Can Get It 16.God Bless The Child 17.Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone 18.Don’t Explain 19.You’re Changed 20.My Man

CD10) 1.Interview 2.Interview 3.I Loves You, Porgy 4.Lady Sings The Blues 5.Ain’t Nobody’s Bizz-Ness If I Do 6.I Love My Man 7.Body And Soul 8.Don’t Explain 9.Yesterdays 10.Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone 11.I’ll Be Seeing You 12.My Man 13.I Cried For You 14.Fine And Mellow 15.I Cover The Waterfront 16.What A Little Moonlight Can Do

CD11) 1.You Better Go Now 2.Them There Eyes 3.Nice Work If You Can Get It 4.Willow Weep For Me 5.My Man 6.Lover,Come Back To Me 7.Lady Sings The Blues 8.What A Little Moonlight Can Do 9.Fine And Mellow 10.Fine And Mellow 11.You’ve Changed 12.I Love My Man 13.When Your Lover Has Gone

CD12) 1.What A Little Moonlight Can Do 2.Foolin’ Myself 3.It’s Easy To Remember 4.Moanin’ Low 5.Don’t Explain 6.When Your Lover Has Gone 7.When Your Lover Has Gone 8.Don’t Explain 9.I Wished On The Moon 10.Lover Man 11.O Love My Man 12.I Loves You,Porgy 13.Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone 14.Strange Fruit 15.Nice Work If You Can Get It 16.Willow Weep For Me 17.When Your Lover Has Gone 18.I Love My Man 19.Too Marvelous For Words 20.Lover,Come Back To Me


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