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Keynote Sessions
The Keynote Jazz Coolection1941-1947 (11Cd+124P Booklet+Poster)



翌日~翌々日発送 送料無料

【 コメント 】
(試聴可能)1940年代のジャズを語るときに欠かせないレーベル、キイノートに残されたジャズ音源(1941-47)が11枚のCDに集大成されました。オーナーは、在ニューヨークのインドネシア人ハリー・リム。黒人と白人の共演を数多く記録したのも特徴です。レスター・ヤングコールマン・ホーキンスの演奏は単独でCD化されたことがありますが、まとめてのリリースは約30年ぶり。しかも今回は最新マスタリングにより、音質が大きく向上しています。スイング・ジャズからビ・バップ、想像を絶する豪華メンバーによるジャム・セッションなど、どの演奏も40年代ジャズの充実を伝える貴重なトラックです。詳細な解説やデータに加え、全メンバーの顔写真や索引もついた124ページのブックレットも必見です。 輸入盤ジャズCD
[CD 1 • 1941-1944]
GEORGE HARTMAN and His Orchestra 1.Diga Diga Doo 2.Jazz Me Blues 3.Muskrat Ramble 4.Tin Roof Blues LESTER YOUNG Quartet 5.Just You Just Me 6.I Never Knew 7.Afternoon of a Basie-ite 8.Sometimes I'm Happy SEXTET with DINAH WASHINGTON 9.Evil Gal Blues 10.I Know How to Do It 11.Salty Papa Blues 12.Homeward Bound LITTLE JAZZ (ROY ELDRIDGE) And His Trumpet Ensemble 13.Don't Be That Way 14.I Want to Be Happy 15.Fiesta in Brass 16.St. Louis Blues COLEMAN HAWKINS Quintet, Featuring TEDDY WILSON 17.I Only Have Eyes for You 18.'S Wonderful 19.I'm in the Mood for Love 20.Bean at the Met COLEMAN HAWKINS Quartet 21.Flamethrower 22.Imagination 23.Night and Day 24.Cattin' at Keynote
[CD 2 • 1944]
COZY COLE All Stars 1.Blue Moon 2.Father Co-Operates 3.Just One More Chance 4.Thru for the Night KANSAS CITY Seven / KANSAS CITY Five 5.After Theatre Jump 6.Six Cats and a Prince 7.Lester Leaps Again 8.Destination K.C. CHARLIE SHAVERS Quintet, Featuring EARL HINES 9.Mountain Air 10.Curry In and Hurry 11.Stardust 12.Rosetta COLEMAN HAWKINS and His Sax Ensemble 13.On the Sunny Side of the Street 14.Three Little Words 15. Battle of the Saxes 16.Louise
[CD 3 • 1944]
COLEMAN HAWKINS All American Four 1.Make Believe 2.Don't Blame Me 3. Just One of Those Things 4.Hallelujah BENNY MORTONS Trombone Choir 5.Where or When 6.Liza 7.Once in a While 8.Sliphorn Outing REX STEWARTS Big Eight 9.The Little Goose 10.Im True to You 11. Zaza 12.Swamp Mist THE KEYNOTERS 13.You're Driving Me Crazy 14.I'm in The Market for You 15.Blue Lou 16.I Found a New Baby
[CD 4 • 1944]
PETE BROWNS All Star Quintet, Featuring KENNY KERSEY 1.It All Depends on You 2.That's My Weakness Now 3.It's the Talk of the Town 4.I May Be Wrong RED NORVOS All Star Sextet 5.Subtle Sextology 6.Blues a la Red 7.The Man I Love 8.Seven Come Eleven BILLY TAYLORS Big Eight 9.Passin' Me By 10.Carney-Val in Rhythm 11.Sam-Pan 12.Night Wind JONAH JONES and His Orchestra 13.Lust for Kicks 14.Just Like a Butterfly 15. B.H. Boogie 16.Twelfth Street Rag GEORGE HARTMAN and His Orchestra, Featuring FRANK FROEBA 17.Hindustan 18.Always 19.Darktown Strutters Ball 20.Angry
[CD 5 • 1944-1945]
RED NORVOS All Star Septet 1.Russian Lullaby 2.I Got Rhythm 3.Sing Something Simple COLEMAN HAWKINS Quintet 4.I'm Yours 5.Under a Blanket of Blue 6.Beyond the Blue Horizon 7.A Shanty in Old Shanty Town CHARLIE SHAVERS All American Five 8.My Man 9.El Salon de Gutbucket 10.Embraceable You 11.Undecided GEORGE WETTLINGS New Yorkers 12.Home 13.Too Marvelous for Words 14.You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me 15.Somebody Loves Me CHUBBY JACKSON and His Orchestra 16.Northwest Passage 17.Cryin' Sands COZY COLE and His Orchestra 18.Lover Come Back to Me 19.Smiles 20.All of Me 21.They Didn't Believe Me
[CD 6 • 1945]
BARNEY BIGARD Quintet 1.Rose Room 2.Bojangles 3.Coquette 4.Borobudor HORACE HENDERSON Orchestra 5.Deed I Do 6.Make Love to Me 7.Bunch of Rhythm 8.Smacks Blues BILL HARRIS and His Septet 9.Cross Country 10.Characteristically, B.H. 11.Mean to Me 12.She's Funny That Way WILLIE SMITH and His Orchestra 13.September in the Rain 14.You Ought to Be in Pictures 15.Moten Swing 16.Willie Weep for Me CORKY CORCORAN and His Orchestra, Featuring EMMETT BERRY 17.What Is This Thing Called Love 18.Minor Blues 19.You Know It 20.Lullaby of the Leaves MILT HINTON and His Orchestra 21.Broadway Holdover 22.Bass Pandemonioum 23.Everywhere 24.Beefsteak Charlie
[CD 7 • 1945]
J.C. HEARD Quintet 1.Why Do I Love You? 2.All My Life 3.Groovin' with J.C. 4.What's the Use? JONAH JONES and His Orchestra 5.Poor John 6.Trumpet Interlude 7.Little Sir Echo 8.Exactly Like You IRVING FAZOLAS Dixielanders 9.Someday Sweetheart 10.Isle of Capri 11.When Your Love Has Gone 12.With You, Anywhere You Are 13.Sweet Lorraine 14.Mostly Faz 15.Clarinet Marmalade 16.Jazz Me Blues BUD FREEMAN and His Orchestra 17.Town Hall Blues CHUBBY JACKSONS Rhythm 18.Head Quarters 19.Head Hunters 20.Sams Caravan 21.Two Heads Are Better Than One BUD FREEMANS All Star Orchestra 22.Tea for Two 23.Honeysuckle Rose 24.Room with a View
[CD 8 • 1945-1946]
BUD FREEMAN and His Orchestra 1.You Took Advantage of Me 2.Sentimental Baby 3.You're My Everything 4. Blue Room 5.Time on My Hands 6.I Found a New Baby 7.Royal Garden Blues 8.Midnite at Eddie Condons 9.Inside on the Southside TED NASH Quintet 10.The Girl in My Dreams Tries to Look Like You 11.I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams 12.On the Sunny Side of the Street 13.Wicks Kicks THE KEYNOTERS 14.I Can't Believe That You're In Love with Me 15.The Way You Look Tonight 16.Airiness A La Nat 17.My Old Flame BABE RUSSIN Quartet 18.Like Someone In Love 19.All the Things Your Are 20.I Heard You Cry Last Night 21.Zing Went the Strings of My Heart MANNY KLEIN All Stars 22.Give Me Something to Remember You By 23.After You've Gone 24.Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen 25.At Sundown
[CD 9 • 1946]
BABE RUSSIN Quintet 1.Easy to Love 2.5054 Whitsett HERBIE HAYMERS Orchestra 3.I Saw Stars 4.Sweet and Lovely 5.China Boy CLYDE HURLEY and His Orchestra 6.I've Got a Feeling Im Falling 7.Dancing on the Ceiling 8.Out of Nowhere 9.On the Trail ARNOLD ROSS Quintet 10.The Moon Is Low 11.Stairway to the Stars 12.Bye Bye Blues 13.I Don't Know Why I Love You, Like I Do JUAN TIZOL and His Orchestra 14.Keb-Lah 15.The Sphinx 16.Zanzibar 17.You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It BENNY CARTER Quintet 18.Moonglow 19.Give Me Something to Remember You By 20.Lady Be Good 21.Deep Purple MARIE BRYANT 22.Blue Skies 23.Ice Cream Brick BERNIE LEIGHTON Quintet 24.Waiting for Leighton
[CD 10 • 1946]
BILL HARRIS and His New Music 1.Everything Happens to Me 2.Frustration ANN HATHAWAY with ELLIS LARKINS and His Orchestra 3.Come Rain or Come Shine 4.Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea BERNIE LEIGHTON Quartet 5.Beyond the Moon 6.Have You Met Miss Jones 7.I See Your Face Before Me 8.Moten Swing 9. Things Are Looking Up JOE THOMAS and His Orchestra 10.You Can Depend On Me 11.She Didn't Say Yes 12.Black Butterfly 13.Pocatello GEORGE BARNES Sextet 14.Windy City Flash 15.Barnes at Dublins 16.Laughing at Life 17.Blue Lou 18.Quiet, Two Gibsons at Work 19.Pink Elephants 20.Lover Come Back to Me 21.Whats the Use LENNIE TRISTANO Trio 22.Out of a Limb 23.I Can't Get Started with You 24.I Surrender Dear 25.Interlude 26.Untitled Blues
[CD 11 • 1946-1947]
DANNY HURD Orchestra 1.Available Jones 2.You Stepped Out of a Dream 3.Long Ago and Far Away 4.Dreamy Afternoon DAVE LAMBERT & BUDDY STEWART with RED RODNEYS Be-Boppers 5.A Cent and a Half 6.Perdido 7. Charge Account 8.Gussie G GENE SEDRIC Orchestra 9.Teasin' 10.T-I-L-L-I-E 11.I Can't Give You Anything But Love 12.I Got Rhythm NEAL HEFTI and His Orchestra 13.Siboney 14.Mad About the Boy 15.I Woke Up Dizzy 16.Sloppy Joes RED RODNEYS Be-Boppers 17.All Gods Chillun Got Rhythm 18.Elevation 19.Fine and Dandy 20.The Goof and I LENNIE TRISTANO Trio 21.Blue Boy 22.Atonement 23.Coolin' Off with Ulanov

【 トラックリスト 】
1. Diga Diga Doo(George Hartman & His Orchestra)他全24曲

1. Blue Moon(Cozy Cole All Stars)他全16曲

1. Make Believe(Coleman Hawkins' All American Four)
2. Don't Blame Me(Coleman Hawkins' All American Four)他全16曲

1. Make Believe(Coleman Hawkins' All American Four)他全16曲

1. It All Depends On You(Pete Brown's All Star Quintet Feat. Kenny Kersey)
2. That's My Weakness Now(Pete Brown's All Star Quintet Feat. Kenny Kersey)他全20曲

1. Russian Lullaby(Red Norvo'S All Star Septet)
2. I Got Rhythm(Red Norvo'S All Star Septet)他全21曲

1. Rose Room(Barney Bigard Quintet)
2. Bojangles(Barney Bigard Quintet)他全24曲

1. Why Do I Love You?(J.C. Heard Quintet)
2. All My Life((J.C. Heard Quintet))他全24曲

1. You Took Advantage Of Me(Bud Freeman & His Orchestra)他全25曲

1. Easy To Love(Babe Russin Quintet)他全24曲

1. Everything Happens To Me(Bill Harris & His New Music)他全26曲

1. Available Jones(Danny Hurd Orchestra)他全23曲
【 メンバー 】
Cozy Cole(ds), Back Clayton(tp), Lester Young(ts), Count Basie(p), Earl Hines(p), Freddie Green(g), Billy Taylor(p), Jo Jones(ds), Charlie Shavers(tp), Coleman Hawkins(ts), Benny Morton(tb), Rex Stewart(cor), Pete Brown(as), Kenny Kersey(p), Red Norvo(vib), Jonah Jones(tp), Teddy Wilson(p), Buck Clayton(tp), Shorty Rogers(tp), Howard McGhee(tp), Chubby Jackson(b), Barney Bigard(cl), Horace Henderson(p), Corky Corcoran(ts), Emmett Berry(tp), Bud Freeman(ts), Benny Carter(as), Lennie Tristano(p), Alvin Stoller(ds), Al Haig(p), and more.

【 録音 】
Recorded in New York, 1946-1947. 24 Bit Digitally Remastered. 124ページブックレット、約24cm X 36cmポスター封入

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